Class of 2010

Clare Ashburn worked for the St. James Cheese Company in New Orleans, and is now contemplating more formal study of international cuisines and the anthropology of food.

David Callis has joined Lockton Companies as Vice President and Producer in the Washington, D.C. office where he will work closely with clients and prospects on international risk issues, sharing his deep technical expertise in political risk and structured credit.

Lawrence Coffey worked with CURE collecting data for a City-Wide Slum Upgrading Plan in Agra, India, then moved to Bangalore where he helped the Public Affairs Center of India with report writing, and is currently in Phnom Phen working for the Cambodian Center for Human Rights. 

Rachel Combs is applying to graduate programs in Hispanic Studies. 

Roddey Dowd was commissioned and joined the Marine Corps. 

Jennifer Juma started working at the Central Bank of Nigeria in November 2010 (after an internship at a government women's development center and a mandatory national youth service program). 

Cole Larsen is attending pharmacy school at the University of Tennessee in Memphis and is looking forward to an international rotation in France. 

Emily Lemon is on a Fulbright fellowship teaching English in Argentina. 

Annie Maselli is working with World Teach in Ecuador.

Elizabeth Minchew spent the summer after graduation in Madrid interning at Nantik Lum, a microfinance organization and is now attending the "Universidad Autonoma de Madrid," getting a Master's degree in Microfinance and Development. 

Allie O'Connellwon the Watson Fellowship and has been traveling and creek-boating in Latin America and New Zealand. 

Stevie Ortega attended Stanford University's summer program at the Graduate School of Business, and then accepted a position as Global Sourcing Manager at Leslie's Poolmart, Inc.'s corporate headquarters which requires him to travel internationally, most recently to Ningbo, China and Hong Kong. 

Axton Reilly did a semester of intensive Spanish language study in Buenos Aires last semester and is now heading to work for 6 months at Esperanza in the Dominican Republic, a microfinance credit organization patterned after the Grameen Bank. 

Chris Tipler works in the New York offices of the Chertoff Group researching a variety of weapons technologies, companies, and national security issues in several foreign countries including Singapore and Saudi Arabia. 

Alex Ucci is working with the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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